Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do judge if you are marrying the right person?

The question “Am I marrying the right person?” troubles almost everyone before they take the plunge.

This question arises out of insecurity or some unwanted circumstances. It is a challenging process to find a perfect partner. Many times we make a wrong choice and land up with a divorce and having to start life afresh. You cannot always find all the qualities in one person, however, what matters when tying the knot is whether you two share a great bond, are compatible and understand each other well.

If these 3 important things are a part of your relationship, then you need not worry if you are marrying the right person but look out for ways to keep your love alive.

The definition of Mr. Right or Ms. Right differs from person to person. Each individual has different expectations from his/her spouse. Some who may seem to be perfect for one, may not come across that appealing to another. Thus, it's only you who can decide if the person you are marrying is the one for you. Here are a few points that will help you judge if you are getting along with the right or near perfect person.

-This is a known fact that it is best to not marry people who misbehave in various ways. A person who is dishonest, cruel, a big show off, is habituated to drugs or is unfaithful, is certainly not the person to marry and spend your life with. There are very few instances where these people have shown improvement in their life and are ready to change for the sake of love.

-A person who offers you support and encourages you to progress in life, is the right one to marry. We all need someone who can care for us, support us, be sensitive towards us and extend his love and helping hand all the time. If your partner has been caring and supporting you, you need not worry about marrying him/her.

-It is quite unfair to keep expecting your partner to make you feel special and happy all the time. That is simply not possible from anyone. However, a person who takes the effort to make the relationship special or does things that make you happy is the one you can count on.

-Another way to judge if you are marrying the right person is by observing the number of times and ways your partner shows love and affection. Saying, “I love you” is easy, but a genuine person will prove that love through actions as well.
-If you look forward to spending some time with your partner and feel like doing things for him/her, you can go ahead and marry this person.

-The presence of respect is very important in every relationship. If your partner does not respect you and your feelings, and is abusive, then its time you move on, or with a fair warning ask them to change.
-The right person will show concern about your future and marriage as well. One who hardly speaks about the relationship may not be that sure about marrying you.

It is how you both feel towards each other. There has to be a certain amount of attraction for you to feel the urge to marry him/her. It is very hard to say if this person will stay with you forever or not, however, if you strongly feel so then go ahead. When you are thinking of marriage, be realistic and practical, and take the final call. Never be afraid of seeking advice on dating blogs and relationship blogs like this.

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  1. The process of choosing the right partner starts with how much you know yourself. It's impossible to truly choose the right partner if you don't know yourself and what you like or dislike. Sometimes what you want is different from what you need! Once you've learned yourself then its easy to composite a list of the qualities you need in your partner!