Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tropical Island Getaways Can Improve Your Relationship

Maintaining a relationship is a process that takes two. The process is unselfish and involves you taking care of yourself and your partner. Intimacy, happiness and connection are required for both parties in healthy relationships to reach equilibrium. But, as time passes even the strongest relationships goes through a period when the excitement fades and before long you start drifting apart. Don't let this happen to you. Instead of giving in, you and your partner should use this time to take off on a romantic escape to Bali. While you might not have the time to go on an extended vacation, surely you can spare a few days towards working on your relationship. Solo travel is relaxing and fun, but it can be lonely and more often than not, a Bali romantic getaway is a rewarding experience.

It is a time that you will spend alone with the one you love, whether you are only dating or you have been married for 30 years it is a good thing. A Bali getaway will bring back the romantic excitements and give you the chance to solve as a couple all the travel challenges that arises on your trip. Your getaway will also let you let go of everything and just relax.

Since Bali is a famous vacation destination, there are a variety of romantic resorts to suit your accommodation needs. This includes exclusive villas in secluded locations that offer the privacy you need, the type of amenities you desire and a taste of luxury. Bali will also offer all that you have come to expect from a tropical vacation, including beautiful beaches, relaxing cocktails, a plethora of tourist attractions, and candlelight dinners in the privacy of your villa. All relationships need maintenance every now and then. A romantic getaway to Bali can be the TLC required to keep things happy and harmonious in your life.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Yorker Article Nails Women's Frustration With Dating Sites

Anybody interested in online dating must not miss Ann Friedman's take on dating apps. We hear these same complaints from many women in dating sites, and the whole dating service industry is basically pulling its hair out trying to find best solutions for these problems. One thing we liked though is the idea behind "Check Him Out". OK, it fell flat with the author, too, but there might be an idea to be explored there. Restricting male's aggressiveness is going to be a prime goal if we're ever to make online dating more appealing to women. Because a lot of the guys seem to need... special help... with their manners. And what's worse, the rude guys make regular men (i.e., the honest guys looking for an honest relationship) have to struggle all that harder to get noticed. Hang in there, quality does win out over quality eventually!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Should You Date Within The Fifty Shades Of Gray?

E. L. James' novel "Fifty Shades of Gray" is a groundbreaking work that everybody's talking about. It's an erotic novel about a sadomasochistic relationship, one in which the female takes a submissive role and the male takes a dominant role. As you've guessed by now, it's not for everyone. But it's created a stir world-wide as hundreds of housewives and single women "discover" their "kinky side". And yes, it's primarily popular with the women. But is the "Fifty Shades" path right for you? First off, you must understand one thing: Kinky relationships are MORE ADVANCED than regular relationships. So if you've never had a serious relationship before, the answer is a firm "no". Second off, understand that a kinky relationship, being more advanced, requires lots of additional knowledge, wisdom, and sound judgment. So, with apologies to the very young, don't try this stuff until you're past college age. Third off, if everything you know about kink comes from the Internet, forget it. Kink has always been and will continue to be the one thing that learning from the Internet is the worst possible way to learn it. If you're determined to get into a kinky lifestyle, join a local group (you'll have to use the Internet just to find one, though), ask around in your local adult business, check out some books on the subject, and take your time studying it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lighten Up With the Funniest Personal Ads

Here is how this post is going to help you: It's going to help you not take yourself so seriously and lighten up! Online dating is such a stressful business; you have to devote so much time to it. Let these ads teach you to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

(And by the way, "a sense of humor" is one of the highest traits for both men and women when they're asked "What do you seek out in a partner?" So you might call on these for inspiration. You know. Just in case you had a sense of humor and wanted to sell that as an asset.)

Here's a gallery of The Twenty Funniest Personal Ads Of All Time (some of them Not-Safe-For-Work), with gratuitous title-caps. What can we learn from these jesters of the classifieds?

  • Ask for what you want. Even if it's outrageous.

  • Ask for help (the Donald Duck voice - it's just like Cyrano!)

  • Go ahead and let your crazy hang out. It helps other crazies find you.

  • Capture the imagination. Don't tell us when you saw the time-travel ad, you weren't tempted to at least inquire further. Especially with that boring desk job of yours.

  • Share your geeky interests. You may laugh at the anime-fan, but you know they didn't go home alone!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Website Specializing in Social Advice

A great boon for the shy and awkward everywhere, Succeed Socially is a treasure trove of helpful articles and resources on being more social. Online daters, your classroom is here.

This is the great overlooked skill in recent generations. Society got more technologically advanced without becoming more socially advanced. We have children growing up educated in everything else, except how to be socially accepted. Which is strange, because it's like there's a taboo on social educating. Is it admitting that you're a failure, if you seek social advice? Or did something change in the social web age, something subtle that makes it more difficult to have confidence in face-to-face meetings? Good designers of social media and dating sites are experienced at the concept of website interaction and trying to make people feel at home when they are online.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How to Divide Your Stuff After the Breakup

So this is it. You're on the outs, it's quitsville, you're saying "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road" and it will take you a couple of vodka and tonics to get you on your feet again.
Well, don't miss out on the opportunity for some entertainment. The moving-out scene is one of the high-drama points of life. Ideal conditions under which to split for maximum comedy value:
  • In the rain. Why does it always rain a pouring deluge at 2AM when you're trying to move your stuff out?
  • In a cab. Nothing like getting dumped when you're broke! You get to be the cavalier one, yelling witty lines over your shoulder in between trips to the cab while the driver watches your enraged ex throw all your things out on the street.
  • With your new partner helping you. Whoever you were cheating with, and just got caught cheating with. By all means, give them every opportunity to get into a big fight over you!
  • With pets in tow. Yes, it's you and Fluffy facing the world once again!
Bonus points for all of the above happening in the same break-up. Now as for your stuff, that's a different story. Depending on what and whose, the stuff is going to end up getting distributed like this:
  • Your books - Never count on your books. Your books may stay or go, depending on how badly anybody wants them. But books are always forgotten. The exception are books which enhance your dating potential, either career books (boost your income) or sex manuals. Either of these will be fought over intensely.
  • Cookware - A bloody fight to the bitter end. Nobody wants to split up a kitchen. Nobody also wants to send all their cookware away and then be reduced to eating dry bags of Ramen noodles until next payday.
  • Clothes - May or may not survive, depending on the circumstances. If you're being thrown out for cheating, expect clothes to be destroyed or vandalized in some creative, sadistic way. Otherwise, there'll be no struggle.
  • Toys - If one or the other partner had an unhealthy obsession with science fiction, anime, manga, or other geeky pursuit that the other couldn't stand, expect the partner to either be glad to be rid of them, or have a spectacular mass-Transformer execution by baking them all in the over until they are a modern art masterpiece of melted plastic.
  • Food - Seldom packed. Often thrown.

And remember if it all gets too much for you, try some Erotic Phone Sex Stories to take your mind off things.

Infidelity Can Shake The Strongest Relationshipship

Infidelity is on the rise and it has the power to shake even the strongest of relationships. Very often it begins at the work place or somewhere offering online sex services and can end up destroying your current relationship. Infidelity is the result of emotional feelings, when one feels a lack of emotional fulfillment in a relationship. However, it is still a betrayal on the part of your better half. This can result in adultery and cheating your partner.

Emotional infidelity is not planned betrayal, but can eventually happen when you meet interesting people who share the same values and thoughts, especially at the work place. It is a friendship that goes a little too far and would not be a normal friendship. Emotional infidelity creeps in when you exchange sweet text, chat over the phone for long hours, and exchange photographs. This infidelity happens through thoughts, feelings, and emotions other than physical relationship. But with time, infidelity can give rise to adultery and a person may even have a physical relationship.

Few people think emotional infidelity can be forgiven, as it is just a casual relationship. Infidelity can result even from an innocent friendship. When you meet an interesting person at work you may feel he or she is the one for you and you start to take the relationship seriously. However, half the people that impress you with their sweet talk may simply be cheating you and may even take advantage of the problem you are facing in your current relationship. It can be more traumatic to feel that after your betrayed partner or spouse has dumped you, you still have the crush on him/her. There are some smart men and women for whom exchanging sweet talk is just a pass time at work.

Emotional fidelity could be dangerous and if you realize this on time, you need to disengage from this friendship and think of something better to do. Infidelity can never be a secret, since your better half is sure to learn about it one day and could result in a disastrous break up. No matter how strong your relationship has been, infidelity can tear apart even the strongest relationship. Your partner may not forgive you and may feel a loser to be in a relationship with you. People find it difficult to understand that their partner is only emotionally involved with someone.

Betrayal is the biggest blow that one can have in a relationship. Most find it hard to overcome their partner's infidelity. There is lot of anger, hurt and bitterness evoked in a betrayed partner and it gets difficult to get the relationship back on track. However, if you really want your partner back and wish to start fresh, you would need to leave the past behind.

You need to be careful and regain your partner's trust. You will have to give time to your partner to overcome anger and pain and start afresh. It is best to discuss with your spouse as to what was it that kept you dissatisfied in your relationship. Yes, it is the best time to evaluate your relationship honestly.

Infidelity can really shake the strongest roots in any relationship. It can take away your true partner forever. No matter what, infidelity is not recommended and one should try to avoid it in any faithful relationship.